Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fabric Trifold Wallet

My wallet decided to die on me... yes! my faithful companion of quite a few years suddenly turned bad and I decided it is time to replace it. I was thinking of getting a new one, when the idea struck me - Why not create a wallet / clutch in which I can carry the cards, cash and my rather large phone? oh and add to that a pocket for coins. My previous wallet didn't have a slot for coins and as a result I never carried coins and the coins I got never stayed in the wallet. It would invariably slip into my bag or jacket or wherever else I kept my wallet. This was my first attempt at making a wallet and I'm rather pleased with the result. Of course there are things I'd do differently the next time around :-)

The fabric used is cotton and the inside is lined with polyester cloth. For the card slots, pockets etc I have used is cotton one in onion pink colour. I loved the fabric and the design the very first time I saw it and I had to have it :-).

Trifold ladies wallet

The backview

The inside view - slot for cards, beneath that is space to keep cash, shopping list etc.
And the center is the space to hold my phone. I have added a velcro closure just to ensure the phone doesn't slip out and the zip pocket for carrying coins and small items. I didn't not have magnetic snap closure snaps so I used velcro for the main closure as well.

To finish off I added 7 circular glass pieces to the front as a decoration and to  hide the stitch down the middle of the clasp.
My first ever handmade wallet - DONE!!!

Fabric Pouches

I love to try making new things. Sometimes an idea gnaws at you till you HAVE to get it done. Such is the case with me before I attempt anything new. The old cliched phrase goes "Necessity is the mother of invention" I say Necessity makes me to try out things I believe I can do at home.

Before school could reopen I made sure I made a pencil pouch for my kiddo using a floral themed fabric in Navy blue colour. She was so excited when I told her it was for her :-). She is pretty easy to impress at this age! But in a matter of few month she lost her pouch with all its contents! So I made a new one for her which she still has (Thank God!). But recently I felt she needs to carry her supplies for art class in a different pouch so promptly made her a rather large pouch.

The pouch I made for my daughter for carrying her art supplies. The  fabric used is cotton

A very dear friend of mine was in town and DH and I went to see her off. From the time she told me she'd be in town I've been thinking of making a few things for her. So I made 3 sample pouches.

Multipurpose Pouches:
The first pouch can be used as a toiletries pouch or to store clips, hairbands or any thing you may fancy. The size is medium and the fabric used is cotton and the zip is the normal nylon zip.

The second pouch I attempted is the dumpling pouch. The zip is plastic teeth one, the kind used in jackets and I believe it also goes by the name of Vislon. This is pouch is more "open" in the sense that the zip comes all the way down on both the sides. It can be used to store things that you want to find without digging into a pouch. It can also be used as a pencil case, to store markers etc

 The third one was made in the way I normally make pencil pouch. I made this a bit wide than I normally do a pencil pouch. Again it can be put to many uses. All depends on the one carrying it. It can even be used as a money purse to carry coins, currency notes etc.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Totes, Lunch bags, dresses and more

I find it hard to keep a track of all the things I bake, make, sew, craft. This is probably because I don't keep a proper track of it all. From the time I made wrote the last post I have made a few more totes / bag, lunch bags for the kiddos and Hubby dearest. And I do take pics as soon I complete the project, but I don't always backup the pics which means I tend to lose them. I hope I can find the picture of a few items at least.

A simple cotton dress - Made this for one of her friend's birthday party. The cotton fabric is two toned and I used a plain cotton cloth for bias binding and around the waist. The back of the dress has a zipper.

The traditional Kerala "Pattu Pavada" - the silk skirt worn in Kerala. I made this for my daughter for her school's independence day program.

Took a photo while we were doing the fitting. She is sweet enough to allow Mumma's craziness :-).

A simple birthday dress Mumma made for her Princess: The floral patterned fabric is chiffon, underneath is a circular skirting made of satin and beneath that is a layer of ruffled cotton. When she swirls it opens up like a circular skirt. She loves the "Princess feeling" in this dress. The bias binding is of red satin as well as the back tie. I have also made three satin red roses to go at the waist of the dress.

Reversible Market bag: on both sides there is a zip and an open pouch.

Everyday Fabric Tote: This tote has an inside zip on one side of the bag and on the other side there is a place to keep pens/ pencils, a provision to hang keys so that it is easy to find them and an elastic top pouch to keep mobile, small note pads etc.

Another two tone tote- this is simple tote with a top zip and and large pocket inside the tote for coins / lip balm and other essentials. This tote is rather large in size, about 15 inches (lengthwise). I could easily fit my laptop along with the power cord and mouse and a diary as well.

Small back pack with a zip inside: The bag is made using cotton fabrics (floral print as well as the checks).
The bag was hanging low when my son tried it on so I reduced the cord length.

The cupcake bag for the girl:
 My daughter asked me one day to make for her a bag with cupcake and butterfly on it. And I make my first ever bag! I think it was also the first time I used zips while sewing. It was learning through trial and error :-). The cloth used is a light weight jeans and cotton fabric for lining, binding etc. I did a decorative stitch around the front pocket.
The backview

The cupcake view - Made using three colours of felt (Red, pink and brown)

Car applique Bag for the boy: This bag is made using a light blue light weight jeans cloth and the car was made using felt. The bag has a large pocket in front and a provision to keep bottle at the side. The bag is lined with a check cloth.

 Homemade rag dolls (for her and for him):

Meet Naomi, she is the very first dolly I made for my daughter. This dolly cannot stand up as I've made her to be a sitting companion. She has long hair in two long plaits and is wearing a dress I made for her. Her shoes is removable and is made with felt. The dolly is made with a cotton cloth of beige / cream colour. For her hair I have used a dark brown medium weight yarn. Her eyebrows are sewn using brown thread and her lips and  nose is sew with a pink crochet thread.

And as in all families, she was soon joined by her brother Zac. I made the girl dolly at night and when my son saw her he wanted it. So I promised him I'd make one for him as well and that was how Zac was "born". Zac can stand on his own as I've made him to be carried around by my boy. In the picture below I hadn't done Zac's eyebrows. Zac too has dark brown yarn for hair. I made blue shoes for Zac later with dark blue felt (didn't take a picture).

 And there is Zac with his eyebrows :)

Working toward Freedom

I'm on the homestretch at work front. Got exactly 2 weeks and 3 days left to say goodbye to my workplace and Hello to being a stay at home Mum. I do have my doubts about how I will fare staying home rather than be busy involved with work. The other side of it is that I get to spend more time with kids..