Monday, June 13, 2016

Special Couple

Got to hear some very good news from a very special friend 2 weeks back. Made the drawing to make something for them.

Fuzzy Fur cushions

I got some minky small fur fabric to make something special for a special friend and I thought I wanted to make some cushions out of those soft and cuddly fabric. I knew I wanted them in heart shape and square and here they are. These are amazing to just hold and cuddle! Feels just like you are holding a soft teddy.

Can you see (feel) the softness of this???

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Freemotion Embroidery

They say that free motion embroidery is "painting" with your thread on a sewing machine. You make a design and make the design come to life using the sewing machine.

The below picture doesn't do justice to the thread colours. I first drew my design on the cloth using a water soluble marker and did the embroidery on top of my drawing.

I have used various thread types. It does take time and a LOT of thread to get it done, but it is fun to do if you don't mind changing the threads multiple times :-).

Monday, June 6, 2016

Two Toned Ikat Tote

That's supposed to be me, clutching my new bag :-), which is why I'm happy and singing in my head and  feeling of love and butterflies :-D.

And so, the latest addition to my online store - Tadaaa

It its a combination of Ikat fabric and black synthetic leather. This is one of the medium to large size tote. It measures about 13.5x15x4. Which is why you can see in the picture below my laptop easily fits into the bag (along with a ton of other things).

I have added a pouch / pocket to keep mobile / tiny receipts / papers, shopping list etc, provision to keep your pens / pencils and also the tiny hook where you can keep you keys so you don't have to search the whole bag for the keys. I did not add a zip closure, but added a magnetic clasp instead. There are two zip pockets, one at the back of the bag and one on the inside.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Going Public and Ikat pouch

Yes I am in love with Ikat :-). And yes, finally on a day that was special to me, at midnight my website was finally went public. Spreading Joy has been on my mind for a real long time. This is just the beginning though.

So, here is the latest Ikat pouch.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blog to website

Earlier I had mentioned I'm working on something with respect to the thing that I make. It has been a Work In Progress for quite a while now. I had bought a domain name last year and was still thinking about whether or not to commit to a webpage. Finally I took the leap and got a webpage (yay!).
So the whole idea of setting up a basic webpage is to put up the different product types I hope to sew and sell. These are not going to be mass produced, but handcrafted, with love and care.
I took a break from my career for my kids. It wasn't a decision taken on a whim, but out of a real need. Do I like being a career woman? I sure do (like a lot of women out there) but among other things I realized that my kids were in a phase where they need their mother not the Nanny or housemaid, but ME. But I think I've reached a point where I want to do some good with all the things I make. I want to Spread the Joy... Yes, that's right! I'm happy when I sew or craft or bake and I want to share that happiness with others and my way of doing that was by putting up a sample photo of the products I make on the webpage and if anyone is interested in buying, they can get in touch with me :-). More on that later.